Street food

Naples has a great food tradition, that makes no class difference. That’s street food: food that you actually eat while walking in the streets. Pizza, fried food, seafood speciality, and most of all babbà and sfogliatella!

Fish and sea food

Clams, mussels, salted codfish, octopus.. these are the tipical dishes of the Neapolitan tradition. You will be seduced by the charm of Borgo Marinari, with its romantic view of the little harbor with boats, cast nets, and fishermen with olive and salty skin.

Piennolo tomato

Pasta with tomato can be a very ordinary dish, but not here in Naples! Here we have paccheri (typical pasta from Gragnano) and Piennolo tomato that makes even the most common food and extraordinary experience, expecially if you add a bit of basil, so that you can smell and taste the real Mediterranean soul. Piennolo tomato is so called because it is hanged (appendere in Italian) outside in the hot italian summer days, so that the tomato dries and ripens very slowly in order to preserve all its taste.

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